Dynasty of the Royal Family


Inheritance among the Ewes and among the people of Ho is patrilineal. Succession to the chief's stool, the most important symbol of authority, is also patrilineal. However, when there is no male heir, an acceptable son of a daughter of the royal house may be enstooled. This is rare and this son would normally perform the role of a regent.


The role of honour of succession to the Royal Aƒede Stool of Ho Asogli is traced to the descendants of Asor who ruled under different names. The following were the occupants of the Aƒede Royal Stool:


  1. Aƒede I
  2. Ati Akporsor
  3. Aƒede Agbenyoe
  4. Aƒede IV
  5. Aƒede Korwu
  6. Aƒede Nkudze
  7. Aƒede Adi
  8. Aƒede Koko
  9. Afede Akpo
  10. Afede Kwame
  11. Fia Kodzo Akpo
  12. Aƒede Dogbe Korsi 1905-1948
  13. Aƒede Asor II 1952-2001
  14. Aƒede XIV 2003


The periods of reign of the first eleven Kings were not recorded

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