Togbe Afede XIV

On October 4, 2003, the Kingmakers of Asogli State gave the people the King of their choice. The people, concerned about their falling living standards and the virtual absence of development activities in their communities, desired someone who will provide the needed inspiration and leadership for the development of Asogli State.


The mantle fell on a member of the Akpo Royal Family of Ho Bankoe. In his inaugural address, the new King, Togbe Afede XIV, known previously as James Akpo, gave hope to the people when he said: Through my oath, I have……. marked a new beginning.


On the problems of the deplorable state of our education and health infrastructure, the new King got the people excited when he said: These are problems of our time and they deserve solution during our time. This is my solemn pledge: I will work hard to build a new Asogli that is full of opportunity for all.


The new King also had something for our children: Our children are the future. I will institute programmes to ensure that their needs are provided for, to help them to develop their character and self-appreciation, and to teach them to understand and uphold the principles of true citizenship, lest they grow into apathetic spectators.


More than five years has passed since that famous speech was delivered. A lot has since been done, but given where we have been, a lot still needs to be done.


We are, without any doubt, happy about the progress we have made so far, and look forward with hope for a brighter future.


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